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About Quan Yin Center

Our Mission Statement

We regard the process of healing as a journey to personal empowerment. Becoming aware of the physical and emotional forces that shape our lives allows us to mobilize our creative energy to manifest our personal vision.

The more an individual is empowered to make healthy decisions about their body/mind/spirit, the more likely healthy decisions will be made regarding their family, their friends and their communities. This philosophy is central to our approach to healing.

  • Offer only natural healing modalities
  • View each patient as unique, and to offer treatment plans based on individual need
  • Act as advocates for our patients, educating them on various modalities, and assisting them in choosing the treatment that is most effective and appropriate
  • Offer support to our patients on their journey toward health

Contact Us or Call: 512-374-9800 to schedule an appointment or schedule online via ZOCDOC on the home page.