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The History of Quan Yin

Quan Yin, Buddhist Bodhisattva of CompassionQuan Yin, (“she who hears the weeping world”), is the Buddhist Bodhisattva of Compassion and the protector of women. Often called upon for help and mercy, she is the embodiment of unwavering love and compassion , bestowing blessings of physical and spiritual healing.

Quan Yin counsels us to cultivate within ourselves a deep sense of compassion and service, qualities that all beings are said to naturally possess.

“Austin Quan Yin” strives to provide the ultimate Compassionate Healing service to people. Committed to relieving you from pain by treating an individual as a whole, we offer therapies to increase health and function using only natural healing modalities. At Austin Quan Yin we work to mobilize your creative energy so that you can make healthy decisions about your mind, body and spirit.

People suffering with various functional disorders are either left untreated or over treated with the traditional health care system. Therefore, our main aim is to balance your body using the ancient traditions of Chinese medicine with modern evidence-based alternative therapies. Using Quan Yin as our guide, our goal is to increase your awareness to help you to learn about physical and emotional forces which affect your life.
Whether, you are suffering from an illness or are suffering from various symptoms, our integrated approach helps clients experience deep compassionate healing with our many therapies.

•    Acupuncture- We have incorporated elements of Japanese Meridian Therapy and Five Element acupuncture in the balanced method to restore the body-mind to harmony and balance. Using fewer, thinner needles than Traditional Chinese Medicine allows our clients a deep level of relaxation.We, also, provide Korean Hand Therapy, Auriculotherapy, electrical stimulation, cupping and moxibustion. Our services can treat Headaches, Depression and Anxiety, Allergies, Insomnia,and Pain symptoms among many others.

•    Herbal Medicines- We use the purest Chinese herbs and formulas available to treat symptoms, much as an MD would use pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms. China leads the world in herbal research and clinical studies. Effectively treating acute and chronic symptoms, our medicinals reduce symptoms with minimal or no side effects. Our medicinal therapy can treat symptoms associated with Respiratory, Dermatological, gastrointestinal, gynecological, endocrine and metabolic systems.

•    Functional Endocrinology- Seeks to identify alterations in the endocrine system, not in a disease state, which are impacting functional health. Using diet, nutrition, lifestyle and other non-invasive therapies, our goal is to manage metabolic alterations to improve your functional health. Our therapies can manage conditions such as PMS, infertility, Peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms, and neuro-endocrine, gastrointestinal and immune problems.

Homotoxicology- Homeopathy created over 200 years,is considered one of best therapies to work with body’s defense mechanisms to facilitate the elimination of toxic substances, known as homo-toxins which cause illness in humans.  Treatments can vary from symptom elimination to total body healing.

We, also, use clinical tools such as blood, saliva and urine tests to help us find the most effective treatment. As your advocate, we educate our patients to help choose the most effective and appropriate treatment.

Our services and pricing varies according to the treatments you choose. Please feel free to contact us any time!