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About Our Herbs

As far as Chinese herbs, I follow the academic tradition of Traditional Chinese Medicine. China leads the world in research and clinical studies of Chinese herbs and formulas, and their constituent parts.

Most of the Chinese herbs available in this country have been preserved with sulfites, which inhibit yeast growth and prolong shelf life. More recently, chlorine and aluminum phosphates have been added to prevent mold and insect infestation. Many individuals are highly allergic to sulfites, (not to mention chlorine and aluminum, which present their own health hazards), especially for asthmatics. Many off-the-shelf Chinese herbs contain levels of sulfites up to 26 times higher than the standards set by the wine industry. The hot, toxic nature of sulfur also raises questions about its use and effects within medicinal formulas. In addition, many off-the shelf Chinese formulas contain pharmaceuticals, often unlabeled.

In response to these concerns, The Quan Yin apothecary carries only sulfur-, chlorine-, aluminum phosphate-, pharmaceutical-free Chinese herbs. All herbs are certified free of heavy metals and microbial contamination. All of our herbs are independent lab tested for potency, purity and safety. We feature over 400 varieties of raw and powdered herbs, high potency ready-made medicinal’s, liniments and ointments.

The Quan Yin apothecary carries the complete Evergreen Collection line of clinically tested modern formulas. Evergreen is an industry leader in herb quality assurance, and drug/herb intervention.

Dr. John Chen, of Evergreen herbs is a recognized authority on western pharmacology and Chinese herbal medicine. What I appreciate about Evergreen herbs is their product documentation line, written with information appealing to diverse audiences from practitioners to clients and other medical professionals. All formulas in the modern Collection line are footnoted with research results.

In addition, Quan Yin apothecary carries the complete line of Blue Poppy medicinals and topicals. Blue Poppy formulas are modern research-based formulas specially created to treat clients with complex problems and multiple symptoms. For instance, many disorders such as allergies, acid reflux or high blood pressure have an underlying deficiency, or immune system weakness. By combining multiple approaches in one formula, more symptoms can be targeted. Blue Poppy formulas are, also, concentrated which means less pill swallowing!

Chinese herbal medicine is safe because natural substances have few, if any, side effects when properly prescribed, and extensive testing ensures chemical compliance and safety.

Please note that no herbal products carried by the Quan Yin apothecary are meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Do not use herbal products as replacements for conventional medical treatment.