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We have incorporated elements of Japanese Meridian Therapy and Five Element acupuncture into the Balance Method to restore the body-mind to harmony and balance. Using fewer, thinner needles than Traditional Chinese Medicine allows our clients a deep level of relaxation.We, also, provide Korean Hand Therapy, Auriculotherapy, electrical stimulation, cupping and moxibustion. Our services effectively treat



Depression and Anxiety,




Pain symptoms among many others.

   Herbal Medicine

We use the purest Chinese herbs and formulas available to treat symptoms, much as an MD would use pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms. China leads the world in herbal research and clinical studies. Effectively treating acute and chronic symptoms, our medicinals reduce symptoms with minimal or no side effects. Our medicinal therapy can treat symptoms associated with

Respiratory (allergies, colds and flus)

Dermatological (rashes)

Digestive (IBS, constipation, leaky gut, indigestion)

Gynecological (PMS, peri-menopause menopause, )

Pain syndromes (headaches, migraines, backaches, neck pain, joint pain).

   Functional Medicine

Seeks to identify alterations, not in a disease state, which are impacting functional health. Using diet, nutrition, lifestyle and other non-invasive therapies, our goal is to manage metabolic alterations to improve your functional health. Our therapies can manage conditions such as


Metabolic (insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome)

Peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms

Neuro-endocrine (hormones, thyroid, adrenal, brain function)

Digestive (leaky gut, SIBO)

Immune problems, including autoimmune response and under-functioning immune response (allergies)


Homeopathy created over 200 years,is considered one of best therapies to work with body’s defense mechanisms to facilitate the elimination of toxic substances, known as homo-toxins which cause illness in humans.  Treatments can vary from symptom elimination to total body healing.


Experts estimate that upwards of ninety percent of disease is stress-related. And perhaps nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high stress.

Massage therapy is a highly effective tool as a stress treatment.

Stress Management

Pain Relief

We use an integrated approach to Pain Management, utilizing body acupuncture, auriculotherapy or ear acupuncture, Korean Hand Therapy, the Bio-Mat™, magnets, micro current stimulation, heat, ice, Chinese herbs and homeopathy. This integrated approach is effective for both acute and chronic pain.