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My Acupuncture Therapy Style

Many different styles of acupuncture therapy exist today. Most practitioners in this country attended TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) schools, as did I. Over time I came to realize that TCM’s strength is Chinese Herbology, but that “herbalized” acupuncture therapy was not addressing my patient’s needs effectively. Fortunately, I discovered Dr. Richard Tan, an amazing acupuncturist from San Diego via Taiwan who is leading many acupuncturists back to its historical roots as a system rooted in ancient philosophy and cosmology. Dr. Tan’s system, The Balance Method, restores the body-mind to harmony and balance. Patients love this technique because they feel more relaxed, and fewer, thinner needles are used than in TCM.

My acupuncture therapy style might be called eclectic as I have incorporated elements of Japanese Meridian Therapy and Five Element acupuncture into the Balance Method. In addition I have studied Korean Hand Therapy, and cranial sacral therapy with Hugh Miln and the Upledger Institute, Master Tung acupuncture therapy with Susan Johnson, and Auriculotherapy using the ear to represent the body, for which I am certified by the Auriculotherapy Certification Institute.

I love my work and I love to learn, so you can count on me to continually try new techniques.

When pain is an issue I combine Auriculotherapy, also known as ear acupuncture,  Korean Hand Therapy, the Balance Method with the Biomat which uses long-range, far-infared technology to reduce inflammation. Better still, all a client has to do is lay on it and relax.

My goal is to help my clients in Austin achieve their health goals. I strongly believe we are all capable of change, and sometimes we just need a little support and help a long our path.

Call today for your customized acupuncture therapy treatments in Austin, TX!

Dianne Duncan L.Ac (TX00482), Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM)