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My pricing structure reflects the time I spend with clients and the services provided. This can vary according to an individual patient’s needs, and from treatment to treatment.

Standard Treatment: $85, New Patient Acupuncture $100

Standard treatment includes acupuncture but can consist of any of the following options:

Brief Consult
Cupping, Gua sha, or Moxa
Korean Hand Acupuncture (especially effective for pain management)
Ear Acupuncture (established protocols for quitting smoking or addictions)
Electro stimulation

Follow-up of protocols using Functional Medicine
Dietary or life style suggestions

Office Consultation and Evaluation: $30 per 1/4 hour segments

Office consultation related to above non acupuncture options, or interpretation of tests results from urine, saliva or blood tests used to uncover functional imbalances; or evaluation of treatment protocols or client follow-up.

New Patient Evaluation: $110 –  $175  (1-1.5 hour)

Comprehensive new patient evaluation and examination including educational materials. In addition to personal and family history, evaluation includes diet and lifestyle, trauma and stress analysis, and metabolic assessment using Functional Medicine and Chinese Medicine.  Examination can include: review of previous protocols and findings, palpation and other physical tests, evaluation of blood tests, urine or saliva tests. Testing and products not included.

Supplements and Herbs

Supplements are prescribed as a result of imbalances revealed by saliva tests and blood tests. Herbs are prescribed using Chinese medical diagnosis. A limited number of general supplements is available. Costs vary according to treatment.