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Austin Quan Yin was founded in 2002 by Dianne Duncan LAc as a holistic and integrative medicine health care center in Austin, Texas, offering a full range of healing modalities from acupuncture and Chinese medicine to functional medicine and nutrition. The practice offers the best of ancient wisdom combined with modern knowledge, dedicated to bringing an individual back into balance by restoring the body/mind/spirit.

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Accepted Insurance Plans

Our clinic participates in most major insurance programs and networks. However, insurance plans vary in coverage so acupuncture is not a guaranteed benefit, even when Dianne Duncan L.Ac. is an in-network provider. In order to clarify coverage, we require all policies be verified prior to your appointment. Please verify your coverage under “Insurance Verification” or while scheduling an appointment using Zocdoc.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Multi-Plan Network
Multiplan PHCS
United Health Care

"Dianne Duncan LAc is one of the Top 10 Acupuncturists in Austin 2019-2020" (Top Doctor)


Cupping: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know (Part One)

Curious about cupping? In our two-part series, find out everything you ever wanted to know about cupping... from its origins and its use throughout history, to the science behind cupping and what conditions it is most helpful in treating!

The Roots of the NADA Protocol in the US

In solidarity with the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests, Lindsey Wilder Flatt and Nicole Fillion-Robin are offering free NADA treatments... Did you know that the NADA protocol owes a lot of its US success to the Black Panthers?! Learn more here!


Battlefield Acupuncture has been widely utilized by the military not only because it often has an immediate impact on pain, but also because it reduces the risk of opioid addiction for active personnel.


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