About Austin Quan Yin

About Austin Quan Yin

Austin Quan Yin was founded in 2002 by Dianne Duncan LAc as an alternative health care center in Austin, Texas, offering a full range of healing modalities from acupuncture and Chinese medicine to functional medicine and nutrition. The practice offers the best of ancient wisdom combined with modern knowledge, dedicated to bringing an individual back into balance by restoring the body/mind/spirit.

Today’s hectic, stressful, and fast-paced lifestyles can create significant imbalance in body/mind/spirit. The team strives to help those in our care restore optimal balance and enhance overall health and wellness by determining the source of ailments and correcting those underlying conditions, rather than simply addressing symptoms as they arise.

At Austin Quan Yin, extensive evaluation determines the treatment options most appropriate for each client. Their focus is on using evidence-based medical tests such as blood, urine, and saliva to determine imbalances in addition to traditional Chinese medical assessments.

At the center, the team takes the time to know every individual in their care. They listen to their patients’ concerns and explain how acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and functional medicine can help them move closer to optimal health. The extensive professional network provides additional resources for referrals from massage and chiropractic care to psychotherapy and medical management.

For those in Austin who are interested in learning more about how ancient Eastern medicine and a functional medicine approach can lead to significant improvements in daily quality of life, coming in to meet the Austin Quan Yin team is a great place to begin or continue your journey. Booking an appointment takes just moments online.

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