Randy came to me very concerned about a serious systemic bacterial infection. As a client he wanted to know if any alternatives existed for the harsh antibiotics his doctors were recommending. He was frightened. I told him he had to follow his doctor’s prescription, and we would heal his gut and immune system when he was finished with the antibiotics. Two months and multiple rounds of antibiotics later, Randy’s digestion was a wreck; his lower abdominal pain was so severe one night he considered going to the emergency room. A trip to a GI specialist agreed, his digestion was a wreck. Another doctor suggested a round of antibiotics targeted toward his digestion. Randy called me hoping a natural solution was available.

After 3 days on my protocol to heal Randy’s gut he was pain free, l but I cautioned him to stick with this protocol as re-establishing a healthy gut flora takes time, as does healing  his intestinal mucousal lining and weakened immune response.

Randy’s story is all too common. Increasingly I am seeing GI problems caused by antibiotic overuse. The bottom line is that the bugs are getting stronger and we are getting weaker. When the digestive system is not working well bloating, abdominal distention and discomfort, skin rashes, food sensitivities, constipation and  fatigue occur. Inflammation increases leading to aches, pains, and swelling throughout the body. When the digestive tract mucosa is inflamed, the tight junctions of the intestinal mucosa widen and become permeable to large, undigested compounds, toxins, and bacteria. Known as “leaky gut”  an exaggerated immune response is provoked leading to more inflammation and allergies. Complicating this process is that the intestinal tract also becomes inflamed from diet, lifestyle, infections, and anything which stresses the body.

On a blood test, I often see White Blood Cells (WBC) depressed, and Basophils and Eosinophils elevated, especially in response to allergies. Other measures can indicate cortisol disruption in response to stress.

So what was the protocol which helped repair Randy’s intestinal tract and immune system:

1. Strenthia by Apex Energetics which provides targeted probiotics to support intestinal health and which can resist destruction by stomach acid

2. Repairvite by Apex Energetics which provides key nutrients to heal the intestinal lining

3. Resvero and Tumero by Apex Energetics which support healthy immune mechanisms, gastrointestinal health and anti-inflamatory mechanisms

4. Ultra D Complex by Apex Energetics to support a healthy immune response (in Randy’s case, blood tests revealed Randy’s Vitamin D level was low).

This basic protocol is part of Apex Energetics Repair and Clear Program to support healthy digestion. Each person has a different story and might need other supplements and protocols, but the bottom line is that healthy digestion is required for good health. Our very life depends on it.

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