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Blood Nutrition™


Blood Nutrition


Austin Quan Yin reads blood tests to determine functional health and wellness. Using an innovative, science-guided look at nutritional strengths and weaknesses, we create an individualized plan for optimum health. Individualized dietary suggestions are provided along with nutritional supplement support where needed.


What is functional health?

While Western medicine only considers how your body functions in a state of illness, functional health considers how your body functions in a state of wellness. Although a person may not be sick according to Western standards, that doesn’t mean they are functioning at the optimal levels for wellness.


What markers do you look at in the test report to determine wellness?

      • Are your organs of detoxification, ie the liver and kidneys functioning?
      • Do you have normal blood sugar levels?
      • Do you have any infections? Is your immune system stressed?
      • Is your body making and storing iron adequately?
      • Any signs associated with inflammatory processes?
      • Do you have normal lipids, ie, cholesterol? Cardiovascular issues?
      • Normal thyroid function?
      • Any signs of adrenal stress?
      • Any signs of digestive disorders?


What steps should I take to get my blood test read functionally?

Schedule an appointment. If you have current, complete blood work, we can use that to evaluate your biomarkers and create your Blood Nutrition™ Report. Unfortunately, most blood tests only have the biomarkers your doctor needs to determine if you are ill, so in most cases more information is  needed. In either situation, we can order any necessary blood tests for missing biomarkers or full panels. All tests are provided at our cost. There is no markup. Start the process today so we can help you achieve your health objectives!

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