Pricing & Insurance


Pricing & Insurance




Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbs

      • New patient - $100
      • Existing patient - $89        
      • Cupping 30 minutes- $60
      • Tuina 30 minutes- $60

Note: Our office bills acupuncture related services once verified by our billing department (see Insurance Verification)


Functional Medicine      $150 per hour

Note: We do not mark up any tests ordered. We only charge for our time.

We offer a 10% discount off our services for full time students, state workers and seniors past 65. Can not be used with insurance.

We accept all forms of payment.



Our clinic participates in most major insurance programs and networks. However, insurance plans vary in coverage so acupuncture is not a guaranteed benefit, even when Dianne Duncan L.Ac. is an in-network provider. In order to clarify coverage, we require all policies be verified prior to your appointment. Please verify your coverage under “Insurance Verification” or while scheduling an appointment using Zocdoc.



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