The immune system is an intricate network within your body protecting you from illness and defending against infection. When the immune system is weak it can’t respond adequately to external threats. But when the immune system is over-reactive, it can cause a variety of other issues. True immune health is about finding balance. At Austin Quan Yin in Austin, Texas, you have access to all the tools you need in order to understand and optimize your immune function, including bloodwork analysis, functional medicine, acupuncture, and Chinese traditional herbal medicine. Begin your path to improved immunity in a consultation, which can be booked online today.

The strength of your immune system is about more than just fighting off the latest cold or flu virus… it’s about your body’s ability to adapt and respond. Your immune system plays a huge role in inflammation, your response to allergens, and in your ability to avoid both acute and chronic illnesses. This is because the immune system recognizes what belongs in your body and what does not, and triggers the appropriate cellular responses. But we don’t want to just focus on strengthening your immune system! The immune system can be a delicate balancing act, particularly for those with auto-immune issues.

Instead, focusing on immune regulation encourages the homeostasis of the immune system. This allows the immune system to build up adequate strength to respond to invaders without becoming over-responsive. When the immune system is over-responsive it can cause increased inflammation, allergic responses, and can even cause the body to attack its own tissues.

Immune Regulation Treatments at Austin Quan Yin

During your initial visit, your practitioner will assess your overall health and help you identify areas where improvements can be made. Balancing your immune system is a central part of that process. 

Treatments can strengthen your immune barriers, regulate immune feedback loops, reduce inflammation, and boost detoxification. There are different treatment protocols for individuals who come in with an already weakened immune system or autoimmune issues.

Functional medicine assessments of bloodwork are one of the best tools for analyzing the current state of your immune health, particularly if immune insufficiency or autoimmune issues are suspected. After assessing the bloodwork, Austin Quan Yin practitioners will be able to make suggestions for supplements or herbs that target your specific challenges to optimal immune health. 

For acute immune issues, including allergies, acupuncture is usually the best bet. The needles stimulate your autonomic nervous system, which prompts an immune response. This helps to speed healing, reduce symptoms, and regulate your immune function. 

Chinese herbal supplements can help with both acute and chronic immune challenges, and the Austin Quan Yin team can help to guide you toward the options best suited for your needs. Austin Quan Yin offers a wide range of both traditional Chinese and Western herbs. Ongoing stock rotation ensures freshness, and herbal remedies are sourced from companies with a reputation for high quality control. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Chinese medicine can help regulate your immune system to keep you as healthy as possible, call the office today to set up a visit. Online scheduling is also available and takes just moments to complete.