“There is no general screening test that is more efficient, effective, and affordable than a comprehensive blood chemistry panel. It allows the healthcare provider to establish a baseline of biomarkers that can be used to track the patient’s health and nutritional needs immediately and over a period of time.”

– Dr. Datis Kharrazian,  PhD, DHSc, DC, MS, MMSc, FACN

  • Standard Blood Tests can be ordered as bundled panels or for individual biomarkers. All tests are offered at cost and prepaid. Blood must be drawn at a Lab Corp location. Results can be loaded into the Blood Nutrition™ software to generate reports.
  • Specialty Tests
    • Wheat/Gluten Reactivity & Autoimmunity
    • Gluten-Associated Cross-Reactive Foods and Food Sensitivity
    • Autoimmune Reactivity screen
    • Intestinal Permeability (leaky gut) screen
    • Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability screen (associated with leaky gut)
    • Irritable Bowel/SIBO screen
    • Multiple Food Immune Reactivity screen (sensitivity and autoimmunity)
    • Chemical Immune Reactivity screen (toxins according to EPA)
    • Pathogen-Associated Immune Reactivity screen (virus, bacteria, fungi)
    • Mucosal Immune Reactivity screen (antigens compromising immune system)

*All tests are offered at cost. Blood draws must be performed at specific lab locations and shipped to be processed by Cyrex Labs. Brochures for all specialty tests are available. Ask us to email a brochure to you.

Call us for more information or schedule a Functional Medicine appointment to get started.

  • Standard Urine tests are also available