Clients: let us set up your personal prescription with the products you use, and receive a 10% discount on our online Store!

We offer only the highest quality Chinese herbal formulas and practitioner-line supplements which have undergone rigorous testing for purity and quality. The companies that we source our products from are among the most respected and trusted in the industry, and include Apex Energetics, Pure Encapsulations, Golden Flower, and Evergreen Herbs. These product lines are available for purchase in our clinic, at a discounted rate to all current patients.

In order to increase convenience to our patients, we have teamed up with Fullscript, an online dispensary that offers both Apex and Pure Encapsulations in addition to numerous other respected supplement lines. Any purchases above $50 through Fullscipt qualify for free shipping. As in our clinic, our current clients will receive a discount of 10% off MSRP on all of the products available through Fullscript. This discount will remain active for a full year from the date of your last appointment with us.

While anyone, whether a current client or not, can make purchases through our store, please note that certain of the products in these product lines can only be sold to our current clients. This is a requirement of these professional-grade lines who want to make sure that their products are being used appropriately and with guidance.

*** Because we work with many patients with auto-immune conditions and other sensitivities we would like to encourage patients with these conditions to consult with us prior to the use of any of the products in our store, due to the fact that certain conditions and sensitivities may respond differently to certain ingredients. ***


“Using the Austin Quan Yin store is a breeze and extremely convenient! Registering, logging in, adding items to the cart, and paying of course, are all very user friendly. I also love using the store because it reminds me a week before that my medications are due for a refill, which is great because I rely on my supplements to keep me functional. Pro-tip, order more than one product and you get additional discounts on your items! Cheers!”-Richard