After searching for a holistic practitioner in the Austin area for weeks, I could not have been happier with Austin Quan Yin and Dianne Duncan in particular. Dianne is truly wonderful and will spend the time with you to discuss your current issues, including health woes, and then treat you with targeted acupuncture, supplements, and even talk through what steps may be needed from a more traditional standpoint (like an MRI). I love Dianne because she recognizes that alternative, holistic and more traditional Western medicine both have things to offer patients, and that using both is often better than relying upon one exclusively. Dianne is also a wonderful acupuncturist — our sessions have helped me tremendously with some chronic health issues, including especially essential tremor (an internal vibrating sensation) that has no easy or effective medical treatment.

Liam Verses Avatar
Liam Verses

For over 5 years, Dianne Duncan has been my Functional Medicine Practitioner at Austin Quan Yin. These years have had a tremendous, positive impact on my health, life and knowledge. I still remember Dianne saying after my very first appointment, "I wish there was something we could have done to make you feel better, today" - and I replied to her, "I DO feel better because you listened, you put together a plan for me and you explained it to me... I have a path to health, now, and that's a lot!" It's been a journey on this path over the years with Dianne's methodologies ranging from Chinese herbs, cupping, acupuncture (including cutting-edge Battle-Field Acupuncture) and her consistently evaluating, tweaking and modifying the path depending on how I'm doing. I have learned more about my body and how it functions in this time than I ever understood, and about how Functional Medicine can have such a beneficial impact. Dianne has such a genuine and caring nature, and has always made time to explain what we're doing and why- as well as to answer all of my questions. I'm healthier and smarter for it all. When I first came to Dianne I was having issues with joint pain, sleep, skin issues, blood pressure, tinnitus and was just not in a good state, overall. She's provided me relief and continuing ways to help strengthen and support my body functions. The way she looks at bloodwork and labs still fascinates me even after so many years - looking at categories and components in a unique view that Western doctors would not. Because of this she was able to determine very early on that I have high ferritin levels - something my GP and other doctors had never looked for, and was having a very negative impact on my health and several of the key issues I came to her with. Knowing this as like a Rosetta Stone for understanding my body and what it has going on, and Dianne formulated a plan based on that to steer me back into good health. Since that time she has found many other game-changers like that, that continually have such a positive impact because we're able to have a plan to treat them. What I also appreciate is that she will run new bloodwork and labs to re-evaluate the impact of what we're doing, how we can improve on it to get better results or stabilize what's going well. Our bodies are ever-changing and evolving, and Dianne has been key to keeping up with what's going on with mine and the best ways to keep it in a healthy state. She has my trust in her knowledge and expertise, and my gratitude for the impact she's made on my life.

Joel Davidson Avatar
Joel Davidson

Diane was amazing. She took the time to really understand the issue I was having and try to figure out the root cause. She is so compassionate, knowledgable, and informed, both medically/physiologically as well as regarding the health care system and how best to get treatment. Can't recommend her enough.

Eva Avatar

Remarkable. I traveled quite a ways to meet with Dianne at Quan Yin. The experience was worth every mile, and then some.She gave me her full and complete attention while we were together. She expressed some health-related insights that really struck home.I'd initially contacted her for Chinese medicine and acupuncture; we ended up focusing on the functional medicine aspect of her practice.Not only did she explain things as she saw them now, based on current symptomology, and make recommendations to address, but she also took the time to look over some older blood work of mine and explain things to me unlike any doctor had before. The way she shared her knowledge really helped me understand why some habits of mine (nutrition, etc.), if changed, would better serve my body and health. Sometimes knowing you need to make a change isn't enough to give you the motivation to do it. After meeting with Dianne, I came home and made some substantial changes in my daily habits and I'm feeling stronger because of it, and excited about the future.Based on my experience, Dianne is an amazing woman and healer, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

The Videocats Avatar
The Videocats

After giving birth 2 years ago my health and mental well being continually seemed to become worse. I had seen many healthcare practitioners and had so many different tests yet every treatment plan was just not working completely. Everything from Western Medicine, Holistic and Integrative and still nothing. If anything, I seemed to be growing worse. My diagnosis adrenal exhaustion and add in all the fun things your body starts doing or not doing as well when your adrenals are shot (depression/anxiety/trouble sleeping/mood swings...). I was about ready to give up. Then I came upon Austin Quan Yin while on another search to find the needle in the hay stack so to speak. It's still early in my treatment plan but I can't recommend Dianne enough. She actually spent the time (I'm talking over two hours) on my first visit to listen and understand.. She HEARD me. To have a practitioner that will not only listen to you but hear you is essential in finding healing. Dianne was honest, patient, caring and knowledgeable. She was not one to "blow smoke" and will be the first to tell you if she doesn't know a lot about something. However, with the knowledge she does have she knows in great detail how to heal. She treats the mind and body as a whole which is crucial and exactly what I need. After only two days on only one product she has given me I can fully say I am starting to feel better than I have in a long time. Baby steps, but the importance of having someone that understands, will hear me and plan accordingly is priceless. I look forward to continuing my healing journey with Dianne. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found Dianne and Austin Quan Yin.

Janell Lewis Avatar
Janell Lewis

Diane from Austin Quan Yin is an absolute gem. She is both highly intelligent and empathetic. She is intuitive, kind, passionate, gentle, and warm. I immediately felt 100% safe and comfortable in her beautiful office.I trusted Diane from the moment we began talking. I have experienced lifelong health problems that range from every aspect of the body, and there are no questions or concerns I ve raised that aren t met with confident answers filled with hope and increased awareness of the way my body works.She takes an extremely individualized approach treating each patient like they re the most important patient she has. She really takes the time to listen, hear you, and remember your history and your story. My acupuncture appointments with her have been so much more than just acupuncture, and have left me excited for the future and extremely hopeful that my body can and will heal from its many complex issues.The acupuncture itself has been wonderful. Not even remotely intimidating. I have never felt so relaxed and at peace to actually fall asleep on a bed in a room that isn t my own. She plays beautiful peaceful music during the session, and you will feel completely safe and at peace.THANK YOU DIANE!

Sarah Bailey Avatar
Sarah Bailey

Dianne is the most compassionate and caring functional medical practitioner you will ever find. I feel so lucky to have found her. She found deficiencies in me that no other doctor I had been too ever bothered to test. I know I'm on my way to the best health yet. She makes you feel confident and strong while in your recovery. She's priceless. Austin's hidden gem. ---Tanya Martinez-Cardenas

Nothing Is As It Seems Avatar
Nothing Is As It Seems

Diana is the best I have SLE for yrs now and she's incredible and really knows her work..

Mary Matias Avatar
Mary Matias

I'm new to acupuncture and feel so fortunate to have found Dianne! She is extremely knowledgeable and kind; really cares about her patients' wellbeing on ALL levels. She has generously shared her knowledge with me and treats me with the utmost respect. We are PARTNERS in my wellbeing and I consider her as much a Wellness Mentor as a Practitioner. I appreciate her holistic approach and the strong focus on healthy lifestyle. Now this is what healthcare is supposed to look like!

Candi Duke Avatar
Candi Duke

I have been seeing Dianne Duncan nearly every week for more than a decade. The long-term impact of acupuncture and herbs have helped my allergies, sleep, stress, and pain and has also boosted my immune system, so that I am rarely sick. I value my health as a direct result of the care and guidance that I have received at Austin Quan Yin.

Bonnie Cullum Avatar
Bonnie Cullum

I've been a client for 8 years. Dianne has helped me deal with a great deal of health issues. She is very knowledgeable in acupuncture, Chinese herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, gut to brain connections, hormonal imbalance, allergies, adrenal and auto immune disorders, functional medicine perspective among others. She is realistic and honest about what she can help and what she cannot. She is also networked in Austin to be able to refer you to integrative practitioners if she cannot provide the service needed. Would definitely recommend to my friends.

Nissa Lind Avatar
Nissa Lind

The Quan Yin Center, and Dianne Duncan specifically, gave me back my quality of life, free from pain presently, that was diagnosed by an orthopedist as osteoarthritis and was painful to the point I had great difficulty walking. He recommended knee replacement so I went to Quan Yin. Ms. Duncan said, Rodney I can make you better! Through a process of herbal supplementation, acupuncture, and strengthening my immune system, I am back in the gym, can sleep all night without pain, and I wake up in the morning at age 75, looking forward to productive days. It involved a process of adjusting all the treatment options until we found the proper mix for me. She said in the beginning, Have patience- we work together and we will make you better. That is exactly what happened!! Thank you, Dianne!!!

Rodney Brown Avatar
Rodney Brown

Dianne Duncan is amazing. When my immune system took a nose dive and I got thrush, I knew I needed more than prescription drugs, so I started acupuncture with another practioner, and while he/she was good, I felt they were missing something. After several months, and not much improved, I went online to find someone who might better suit my needs. I looked at a few sites, and then saw Quan Yin. I had a feeling to call this place, so I left a message, and received a call back from Dianne later that day. I asked a lot of questions, told her a little about my problem, and made an appointment. After talking with Dianne in person for two hours (we didn't get to acupuncture that day, but that was ok, she needed to know my history) I knew I was in the right hands. The blood work is very important. Even if everything comes back within functioning range, it's good to know where you stand. In my case, it helped save my life. I now feel I am truly on the road to recovery as long as I continue to follow Dianne's individualized protocol.Dianne is kind, thorough, and patient. I feel very blessed to have found her.

Amber Wolf Avatar
Amber Wolf

Dianne Duncan is an incredible individual that I have had the privilege over the years to (really) know. She is the most gifted diagnostician in the realm of natural medicine that I have ever met. Currently, I am seeing Dianne for treatment in health maintenance. More importantly, she loves to heal people and rejoices with you in the results. She especially loves to hear how it has affected/improved your life. I have questioned her diagnoses at times, but blood work results have proven her right. Dang, I hate it when she's always right! Dianne has discovered medical issues that have not been discovered or investigated by my Western physicians. Dianne uses an integrative approach in her practice, but she goes beyond the norm: more specifically, thorough scientific analysis in the biological pathways of our body processes for a complete investigation, diagnosis and treatment of your health (emotional, habitual, and past, present day health history). I am often brought to tears when I describe my experience of healing to others as a result of Dianne's treatment. If you have a genetic disease or disorder, DON'T let that be a stumbling block in making an appointment. There is hope for a greater health even in those health situations. I know that personally.

Pat Stanford Avatar
Pat Stanford

Dianne is outstanding and knowledgeable and holds many degrees. She is skilled in many categories including autoimmune disease, menopause, infertility, allergies, and over all health and wellness. Her acupuncture treatment table is heated and the room is a wonderful ambiance with soothing music. She brings Eastern and Western medicine together in layman's terms and easy to understand. I have received her treatments for almost 10 years. Be patient with her healing theories and methods as it takes time to heal the's not an over night my case it's taken over 5 years to heal the damage that has been done by vaccines and prescription drugs! It's been worth the whole journey! She is a wonderful soul!

Stephen McCarty Avatar
Stephen McCarty