Austin Quan Yin had helped with my back pain and stress! Great friendly service.

Taylor Frey Avatar
Taylor Frey

Lindsey provides phenomenal acupuncture and holistic care. I felt so much stress melt away after the session and was impressed by her insight and expertise. I highly recommend Austin Quan Yin for anyone looking for high quality acupuncture/ Chinese medicine in Austin, TX.

Ariel K Avatar
Ariel K

Diane was amazing. She took the time to really understand the issue I was having and try to figure out the root cause. She is so compassionate, knowledgable, and informed, both medically/physiologically as well as regarding the health care system and how best to get treatment. Can't recommend her enough.

Eva Avatar

My experience at Quan Yin has been exceptional.I have been a client for over 4 months and I can t express enough how hands on and professional the staff is.Bryn Kanuck is who I have been seeing and I honestly can t tell you how pleased I have been.She will take the time to listen and provides you with so much helpful information when it comes to your health issuesMost importantly I trust her .She is very knowledgeable in her field and I am so grateful that I have chosen Quan Yin to work through my issuesI strongly recommend Bryn Kanuck !that you feel you need help with !

Elizabeth Bapat Avatar
Elizabeth Bapat

Lauren is by far my favorite acupuncturist, and I ve been to several over the years! Her treatments always help me no matter what we re working on, and every time I leave feeling centered, relaxed and rejuvenated. Not only is she intelligent and skilled, she s also intuitive and compassionate. Lauren makes me feel seen, heard, valued and genuinely cared for. That alone is very healing and not something I m used to experiencing from most healthcare providers. If you re looking for a practitioner who will take the time to listen to your health concerns, who will craft effective acupuncture treatments to address your health imbalances, who will make you feel comfortable even if you ve never experienced acupuncture before, and who will offer valuable insight and share helpful information to improve your health, then I highly recommend seeing Lauren at Austin Quan Yin! You won t be disappointed!

Mamie Burruss Avatar
Mamie Burruss

I highly recommend Austin Quan Yin to anyone looking for a holistic health care approach. Diane and Bryn are an amazing team - they are great listeners and actually care about your health! They make you feel heard and will get to the root of your problems to find a treatment that works. I had many conversations with Bryn via email prior to my first appointment. This put me at ease and showed me that Bryn was invested in my care even before meeting me. I met with Bryn and Diane at my first visit and never once did I feel rushed or misunderstood. Diane explains conditions and treatments with candor, and she doesn't order any labs or supplements without explaining why they are needed. Bryn has gently guided me with acupuncture and takes time to chat before each visit to ensure she knows how I'm progressing or responding to treatment. Bryn is respectful of my time and accommodates my schedule. She explains the acupuncture points and considers my needs to make sure I'm always comfortable. I look forward to my appointments and greatly appreciate feeling respected as a patient.

Michele Mehalic Avatar
Michele Mehalic

Remarkable. I traveled quite a ways to meet with Dianne at Quan Yin. The experience was worth every mile, and then some.She gave me her full and complete attention while we were together. She expressed some health-related insights that really struck home.I'd initially contacted her for Chinese medicine and acupuncture; we ended up focusing on the functional medicine aspect of her practice.Not only did she explain things as she saw them now, based on current symptomology, and make recommendations to address, but she also took the time to look over some older blood work of mine and explain things to me unlike any doctor had before. The way she shared her knowledge really helped me understand why some habits of mine (nutrition, etc.), if changed, would better serve my body and health. Sometimes knowing you need to make a change isn't enough to give you the motivation to do it. After meeting with Dianne, I came home and made some substantial changes in my daily habits and I'm feeling stronger because of it, and excited about the future.Based on my experience, Dianne is an amazing woman and healer, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

The Videocats Avatar
The Videocats

Bryn is awesome - very personable and knowledgeable. She's attentive to my issues/concerns (actually spends time asking you questions and considering where you feel discomfort) and helped me understand the steps she was taking to resolve them.My first visit with her was my first time doing acupuncture, and she made the experience extremely relaxing and painless! She's easy to talk to, and most importantly, the treatment was very effective in resolving my problem area, tight shoulders/traps, in just one session. Prior to my session with Bryn, I had tried deep tissue massages, physical therapy, etc. and none were as helpful or permanent as my session with her.I've come back for other sessions (mainly for maintenance purposes), and each one has been equally amazing. Didn't feel like I was just another number - instead, it felt like a trusted friend was treating me.One of my best experiences with a medical professional. 11/10 would recommend!!

T Pham Avatar
T Pham

For almost a year I ve been fighting an infection with MRSA that I contracted while I was in the hospital after having ventral hernia repair surgery. It turned into a massive abscess consuming my entire lower abdomen and every time it gets 90% healed, the infection comes back and I have to have surgery to open it up and clean out all the infection. After seven times of the same thing and getting tired of nothing changing and enduring so many surgeries and wearing wound VAC s and going to the hospital three days a week for wound care, I finally had enough. Something had to parents encouraged me to look into alternative medicine to help me get rid of this bacteria once and for all. I contacted Dianne and Bryn at Austin Quan Yin and from the first time we met, I knew they knew what they were doing. I just decided I didn t care what it took I would do anything to make this go away and not have to be hooked up to machines and have emergency surgery every six weeks. And so far, it s finally to the point that my healing is the best it s ever been. And I 100% know that I ll continue to heal following their guidance, expertise and genuine caring hearts! Pretty sure they ve helped save my life!

Danae De Guelle Avatar
Danae De Guelle

Bryn was an absolute dream! I came in a ball of stress with a lot of anxiety and tension/soreness in my neck and shoulders. I walked out feeling like a brand new human. This was my first acupuncture experience and I will definitely be doing more!! She made me feel relaxed and comfortable right away and talked me through every step of the treatment. I woke up today feeling refreshed and recharged and my neck and shoulders feel better than they ever have. You re in great hands with Bryn!

Tyler Jensen Avatar
Tyler Jensen

I ve been coming to Acupuncture to help with anxiety, back pain, and GI issues I ve struggled with for years. I ve only had a couple sessions and I can definitely feel the difference. My anxiety has gone down immensely. Bryn also does cupping on my back which has helped a lot.Bryn is awesome! She s friendly and personable. She makes you feel very comfortable and puts your worries at ease (especially if you re new to acupuncture).I look forward to my weekly sessions.I would definitely recommend!

Alexandra V Avatar
Alexandra V

After giving birth 2 years ago my health and mental well being continually seemed to become worse. I had seen many healthcare practitioners and had so many different tests yet every treatment plan was just not working completely. Everything from Western Medicine, Holistic and Integrative and still nothing. If anything, I seemed to be growing worse. My diagnosis adrenal exhaustion and add in all the fun things your body starts doing or not doing as well when your adrenals are shot (depression/anxiety/trouble sleeping/mood swings...). I was about ready to give up. Then I came upon Austin Quan Yin while on another search to find the needle in the hay stack so to speak. It's still early in my treatment plan but I can't recommend Dianne enough. She actually spent the time (I'm talking over two hours) on my first visit to listen and understand.. She HEARD me. To have a practitioner that will not only listen to you but hear you is essential in finding healing. Dianne was honest, patient, caring and knowledgeable. She was not one to "blow smoke" and will be the first to tell you if she doesn't know a lot about something. However, with the knowledge she does have she knows in great detail how to heal. She treats the mind and body as a whole which is crucial and exactly what I need. After only two days on only one product she has given me I can fully say I am starting to feel better than I have in a long time. Baby steps, but the importance of having someone that understands, will hear me and plan accordingly is priceless. I look forward to continuing my healing journey with Dianne. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found Dianne and Austin Quan Yin.

Janell Lewis Avatar
Janell Lewis

Fantastic experience with Bryn at Austin Quan Yin! Bryn is intuitive, caring and determined to make you feel better than when you walked through the door :-)I highly recommend!

Chris Goddin Avatar
Chris Goddin

I couldn t be happier with my treatments with Bryn! After requiring traditional medical treatment and being on rounds and rounds of antibiotics, my immune system was shot. I began catching viruses such as Epstein Barr and Swine Flu. My body was so beaten down, and I felt terrible all the time and had zero energy.On my first visit with Bryn, she spent over an hour just talking to me. She listened with empathy and compassion. She is so kind, and truly cares about her patients. While doing my acupuncture, it was like she could truly feel my energy, and I could feel her healing energy. I began taking some herbal treatments she recommended to build up my immune system, and did some acupuncture and cupping. I actually began feeling better, stronger, and got my energy back.I was a skeptic about functional medicine and eastern medicine BEFORE I met Bryn. Her treatments really helped me.Bryn is so caring, empathetic, and compassionate. I would rate her 10 stars if that was a choice.

Jill Randolph Avatar
Jill Randolph

I saw Bryn for acupuncture and this being my first treatment was such a pleasant experience. Bryn asked many questions to make sure the treatment would be effective and she developed a plan for future visits. She is clearly very passionate about her job and her clients. I was truly impressed with her knowledge and insight.

Angela Kudrick Avatar
Angela Kudrick