Richard S. – Submitted 07/02/20

Using the Austin Quan Yin store is a breeze and extremely convenient! Registering, loging in, adding items to the cart, and paying of course, are all very user friendly. I also love using the store because it reminds me a week before that my medications are due for a refill, which is great because I rely on my supplements to keep me functional. Pro-tip, order more than one product and you get additional discounts on your items! Cheers!

S B. – Submitted 06/24/20

Nicole is absolutely amazing in every way possible. She has helped me during back spasms, headaches, sinus flares and sciatica. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable and being able to alleviate my issues, she’s such a kindhearted and gentle soul. She’s pure, smart and genuinely cares about helping in the most professional and comfortable way possible. I will, no doubt, continue to see her as she truly is the best!

D B. – Submitted 06/24/20

Warm and caring, compassionate and trustworthy. I highly recommend Nicole and her treatments!

J V. – Submitted 06/24/20

Nicole is incredible. She has such a unique ability for creating a calm, caring and healing atmosphere. Her needling technique is so good that you barely know the needles have gone in until you begin to feel a floaty relaxation. My neck and shoulders feel so much better and my overall system feels rejuvenated. I’ll definitely be going back to Nicole for more acupuncture treatments.

BU – Submitted 06/24/20

Nicole strikes a wonderful balance of a warm and caring approach to treatment with a professional experienced competence. I would highly recommend her as an Acupuncturist! She treated my Autistic son, and in addition to greatly improving his condition, turned his attitude about herbs around completely! And he actually enjoyed his Acupuncture treatments and looked forward to them, after the first one! Her patience and understanding with his sometimes unexpected answers warmed my heart. She is a gifted and caring Practitioner!

Meagan W. – Submitted 03/31/20

First of all, Austin Quan Yin has a very peaceful and quiet atmosphere so I felt relaxed immediately upon arrival. Lindsey has recommended several helpful supplements to me so going to her for acupuncture and cupping for my allergies and lung health was a no brainer! Lindsey is knowledgeable and really perceptive so navigating every interaction leaves me feeling encouraged and excited about my health! Thanks for helping me understand what my body needs, Lindsey!

Julie W. – Submitted 03/19/20

Lindsey is super knowledgeable and a calm assuring practitioner. From the first moment to the last she has a way of making me feel supported and lifted on the path of health and healing.

Bonnie S. – Submitted 03/05/20

A superb holistic practitioner, Dianne is deeply intuitive with expertise in multiple fields (Traditional Acupuncture, Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA), and Functional Medicine). She is also a delightful human being with a joyful “bedside manner”and a great sense of humor. Dianne has helped me manage painful neuropathy in my right foot, a side effect brought on by previous chemotherapy, a brain bleed, and exacerbated by current anti-cancer medication. Due to the pain in my foot, I had reduced my activity and, as a result, experienced muscle atrophy and declining mobility. Over time, I noticed Dianne’s treatments were helping to counteract the negative effects of the medication, in addition to providing my out-of-whack body some sorely needed balancing by boosting its immune system, relaxing nerves, and combatting fatigue. Although the neuropathy persists, the pain (stiffness, tingling, numbness) is much less and a “normal” feeling has returned to my foot to the extent that I can comfortably take hour-long morning walks, do yoga, and workout regularly at the gym. Additionally, Dianne also tackled my increasing dizziness (also due to medication) by experimenting with acupuncture, ear “seeds”, and BFA. The BFA worked, frequently eliminating the dizziness entirely for weeks at a time! BFA is an amazing tool that can achieve incredibly quick results for neurologically-based issues. I am so grateful for Dianne and her team and have grown to depend on their consistently rendered high quality care.

Nicole F. – Submitted 03/03/20

Lindsey is such a kind and effective practitioner. I came to her with a bunch of upper back pain and tension. She works some serious magic with tuina and acupuncture. I feel so much more aligned and structurally sound and it was such a gentle, relaxing experience.

Jenna V. – Submitted 02/28/20

Lindsey is a phenomenal practitioner. She is kind, competent and really listens to what her client’s want and need. You are in great hands!

Alla P. – Submitted 02/27/20

Being in treatment with Lindsey is a complete treat. She makes you feel heard and incredibly cared for. Every insertion and recommendation is done with so much intention. Best of all, results speak for them self. 10 out of 10 would schedule with her again!

Joel H. – Submitted 02/10/20

I have been going to Dianne Duncan at Austin Quan Yin for over 2 years, now, and the difference in my health (especially the issues I first came to her with) has been tremendous. Not only did she help take my body back in the right direction but she educated me on my own body chemistry and continually looks at data in a way that primary care doctors do not- which makes Dianne an amazing Functional Medicine Practitioner. She discovered that my ferritin levels were high -one of the reasons we realized my father probably had died so early and due to genetics, I had been having his same symptoms prior to death and was on a similar course. She has now gotten my ferritin levels within normal range and the health benefits are cascading from that. Dianne also introduced Battlefield Acupuncture into my sessions for tinnitus as well as blood-pressure maintenance, and I was astounded at how quickly such an easy modality could have such an impact on both issues – it’s a practice I’ve come to value greatly and make appointments for regularly. I will never forget the first time I met with Dianne- after that single consultation I understood more about my body and how it was connected that anyone had ever told me, before. She put together a plan of treatment and has continually been adjusting it along the journey with me to make the most impact on my health and well-being, while educating me throughout.

Nissa L. – Submitted 12/21/19

I’ve been a client for many years and have had great treatment for allergies, pain management and hormone issues.

Nicole B. – Submitted 12/20/19

Dianne is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and professional. She listened to my concerns, and not only addresses them, but makes recommendations for ways I can prevent problems in the future.